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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  January 2, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>> every single vote in the room and i need to you get a couple other votes from your neighborhood and get them to caulks. i need a great showing in cedar rapids. we'll win this thing. >> romney trying to close the deal in des moines saying for the first time he is going to
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win the iowa caucus. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> after 10 days and weeks of saying company make no prediction for tomorrow night, a change of tune for mit romney suddenly. his front runner status now being echoed by political analyst. >> iowa brings surprise but never so many before the first vote. look what happened in the last several months. just about every candidate has had to lead in iowa at one time or another. yet at the end the iowa voters seem poised to come back. establishment candidate with the big organization who has the money and has run before and that is mit romney poised to put him in commanding position for the nomination. >>reporter: george stephanopolous. >> with the clock ticking other candidates of course trying to win the iowa caucus. jake spent the day with those contenders including the man with late game surge. >>reporter: at packed pizza ranch restaurant in boone, iowa ricko the to pick a more moderate candidate like romney but to go
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with the their gut. >> don't defer. to others who don't know the candidate as well as you do. >>reporter: through old fashion oned shoe leather campaign of shaking hands and kissing babies, santor um has become the candidate to watch. >> money doesn't buy iowa. >>reporter: propel in no small way because of the support of christian conservatives. >> he clearly is a morale map with high integrity. >>reporter: he's winning them over with his stand as culture warrior. emphasizing strong opposition to abortion and same sex marriage but he argues his reach is beyond those key republican voters. pointing to his 2 wins as senator in the all important battle ground state of pennsylvania. >> how you won the important swing state of pennsylvania. you don't talk about how you dot defeated in 2006. >> about this is going to be 2006. >>reporter: other man drawing crowds and watchful eye of the romney campaign texas congressman ron paul.
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>> this is what the vote is about tomorrow are we sick and tired of the expansion of government. endless spending and deficit doing the things they weren't supposed to do and for getting about doing the things they should be doing. >>reporter: both paul and santorum face questions about the repeal to the independent and moderate who will decide election this november. and the ability to translate strong showing here into something more. jake tapper abc news, boone, eye wait a minute fascinating process. the way iowa pick the favorite candidate very different from tradition until primary like in california. karen explains what they are and howñi they work. >>reporter: they proudly vote first in the nation for 40 years here in iowa. what exactly is a caucus? the word comes from native miles per hour word meaning a gathering of tribal leaders. on tuesday night only registered republicans are allowed to participate. but democrat and independent can show up at caucus site, change the registration and take part.
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here's how it works. these precinct each can follow their own rules. some caucus are held in churches. fire statio stations. even private homes. he have campaign is allowed to have one representative speak on its behave at precinct before the voting begins. in most precinct it's a simple secret ballot often a pwlachbing slip of paper on which voters write in the candidate name. votes added up and each precinct announces the wish. caucus are essentially a state wide straw pollcation indicating which candidate iowa republicans prefer yet voters have a mixed record as picking eventual nominee. over the past 40 years iowa picked the winner just 50% of the time. no candidate finished worst than third place has ever gone on to win the party nomination. so while each republican contender is aiming for the gold, a silver or bronze finish may enough to keep the presidential hope alive. this
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is from days monies, eye wait a minute move on to something else. pedestrians in menlo park has been killed tonight after being hit on the cal train tracks. this happened just after 7:30 on el camino real. victim was an adult female. over 200 people were open the train which is currently stopped at oak grove avenue. emergency crew are in the process of transferring those passengers to another train. this is the first fatality on the cal train tracks so far this year. of course we just started the yea year. 16 people were killed on the tracks in 2011. water main break in berkeley has been capped but the damage left behind is fairly extensive. business owner have a lot of questions tonight about how this could have happened. on bank croft way at schaad avenue leslie 30's live tonight. >> that's right. this is 6 inch water main that broke and the crew here on the scene right now as you can see behind me. they are starting the repair process. backhoe wept
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through the pavement and you can see the beginning of sink hole that is evidence at the surface. looks to be about 15 feet wide. it was a huge mess here. a large water main ruptured at the corner of fulton and bank croft late monday afternoon. water gushed up through the cracks in the asphalt. pushing the road surface up above the curb. >> like a lake in here. >>reporter: water cascaded down the street and pooled up in parking lots. >> getting into my car and something a thud. >>reporter: ralph scraped his leg as he lost his footing when the pavement swelled up. he called 911 and focused on saving not his coin shop. >> i'm more worried about the integrity of the basement cement walls because there's a leak acknowledge in my basement right now. and so the water doesn't get in to our basement then go that our electrical unit. >>reporter: took east bay mud
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more than an hour to cap the flow. business owners here had lots of questions about repair repairs. >> how long is this going to take because people bringing in artwork to be framed or picking it up is going to be seriously hampered because of parking and just even getting in my front door. >>reporter: mud plans to continue the work overnight. they hope to have the the main repaired by morning but of course work on the roadway itself and also other repairs to buildings or structures here could take longer to only commercial customers in this year lost water because of the accident here but again, quite a mess. traffic is flowing on both bank croft and fulton. reporting leif in downtown berkeley, abc 7 news. >> thanks very much leslie. >> vacaville authorities investigate a fire that killed a woman and her dog. favor broke in and out upstairs bedroom in the home on gentry circle around 10:30 this
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morning where firefighters found the body of 52-year-old bob mitchell. investigators believe the fire started in a mattress. sky fire also broke out in pleasant hill today. flames were seen just before 3:30 at copped minium on camelback road. it took 3 searches before rescuers found the owner of the condo. >> i came across the street and there was a fire in the kitchen and seemed like it was coming from the microwave and i came over and l just kicked the door a bunch of times. nobody came to the door. tried to use a fire hose to put it out and wasn't going out. >>reporter: firefighters arrived quickly to put out the flames. actually had to saw the door open to gain access. it had been boarded up from recent break in. man was taken to the his because of smoke inhalation. devastated family begins the new year without their little boy. 5-year-old shot and killed friday night and while they grieve, police have made some progress in the case. nick smith with the very latest on the tragedy.
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>> our child was gunned down. that's how personally it hits. >>reporter: shelly is struggling. she is close family friend of the martinez family and is watching them suffer. >> i see his pain. you know. i held his heart at the hospital. actually put my palm on his heart when he was in pain. >>reporter: gabriel martinez junior shot and killed near his family taco truck on friday night. police believe that the 5-year-old was the unintended victim of the random gun violence that continues to playing this east oakland neighborhood. >> about this is a senseless act of violence. >>reporter: today new information about the car the thoot shooter may have been driving oakland police tell me they are looking for a silver or gray colored american made car last seen heading westbound on international boulevard. police spent the day canvassing the neighborhood and are hoping that with the number of people gathered at the taco truck that evening some one may familiar with the car. >> we just know item an
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american silver vehicle. american made silver car. i don't have any additional information. we are hoping that someone will be able to come forward and maybe have a license plate or more of a detailed description of the car. >>reporter: police are also lacking for female passenger also black about 18 years old and wearing a red suede jacket and light colored blue jean elaine lives in the neighborhood and used gabriel memorial as lesson to her grandson about the dangers of the streets and reason to hold them a little tighter. >> i just want them the to know that, know the family that there's somebody out here that cares. >> call somebody and let somebody know because you can not harbor that secret if you know whether happened. >>reporter: police are offering a 25,000 dollar reward for any information leading to an arrest and they have set autopsy tip line that is completely anonymous. more information go to our web site.
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. in oak land, nick smith 7 news. more to come this monday. do you hate having to pass through a bunch of smoke investigators get inside a restaurant for example? up next no more worries. new year is bring ago tough new smoking ban to one bay area city some like it others do not. >> for the first time in 40 years they are playing golf on tahoe north shore in january. tonight finding ways to keep busy without snow up in the situation air 8. i'll in the accu-weather forecast center. we have fog and we have warmth but we have no rain for awhile. my accu-weather forecast coming up. and people who advocate openly carrying guns are taking exception to a new state law in a very public dramatic way
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>> one of the more controversial new state law this year is the ban on openly carrying gun. advocate on the street of sacramento today with the guns in hand. they say it is their second amendment right to do so despite what the state says. in their view law enforcement doesn't always do the job. >> i have a lot of respect for the police department but the bottom line is that police respond to crime. they do not prevent crime and as a father with children and i feel in it's my obligation to defend my family if need be. against
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about violent crime. >> california can still get permit for concealed weapons. >> cigarette smokeers in alameda now have fewer places where they can light up. new smoking ban went in effect today and it has many people saying it goes too far. amy has that story. >> alameda resident say they have often had to walk through a cloud of smoke to get to their favorite coffee shop. but not any more. starting today people no longer will be allowed to smoke on a public sidewalk. >> right outside the door through little tables over here that is going to be stop. that's wonderful. >>reporter: new smoking ban in the east bay city pretty much bans smoking from all public places. including bus stops. atm. parks. downtown sidewal sidewalks. >> i don't believe the government telling us what to do. i get the reasoning behind it but i don't agree with it. >> i think it's actually helping me not to start smoking again. >>reporter: the ban even goes so far as to prevent smoking in people's homes. you can't light up inside an apartment or
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on an apartment balcony or patio. city officials say this is because smoke can not be controlled by ventilation or separating smokeers from non-smokers. this is where the city ordinance seems to lose some support. even from this is who want to escape secondhand smoke. >> as non-smoker and somebody who is really bothered by cigarette smoke part of me is happy but it seems like it has gone a little bit too far. >> i'm on the fence on this one. that they are getting kind of cholesterol to the edge of pushing us around a little bit too much. >>reporter: where can you smoke? we asked a police officer and he said he didn't know that he hasn't been briefed on the new law. sounds liken force pt won't be strike right away but when it is enforced it will be expensive. fine for smoking in the wrong place ranges from 100 to 500 dollars. in alameda, abc 7 news. >> in the south bay by o b bring your own bag from now on. another law to talk about. measure to ban plastic bag in
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san jose. the ban applies to both big box chain and mom and pop stores. non-profit and restaurants are exempt. new wide spread ban did catch some shoppers off guard today. >> weird way to describe the new year. i'm trying get used to it. do the best i can but it happens. >> good idea. i think it's also good that at least all the stores have to do it and not just the grocery stores. >> for those who forget always buy a bag. paper one will cost you 10 cents or start your own reusable collection of course. >> well there may not be any snow in the sierra but there are plenty of warm weather sports to keep vacationers busy who thought they would be skiing. george is in truckee and he's checking out what is on this. >> look good. you might never see this again. golf in january on tahoe north shore. >> this is unique. this is never -- i have been here 40 years. it has never happened before. fifth of december is
9:18 pm
my previous record. >> our policy here is always first one open last ones closed and all the other golf courses closed in october up here and we are still going. >>reporter: unseasonably warm dry weather brought a taste of summer to the tahoe basin. just over the hill in reno. zero precipitation fellas month. making it the driest december since 1883. with a mid afternoon temperature of 60 degrees, this is what winter skating looked like in truckee. and a rare january day at the beach at lake tahoe. >> january 2012. yes. beautiful weather. yep. >>reporter: this group from he can land came for the snow but settled for plan b. >> yes not what we were expecting but it's very peaceful and i think we'll have funny way. pishtion of course it welcome back nice to get some real snow up here soon. in the mean time, there's
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nothing wrong with enjoying the fine weather while we wait. >> yes it is fun. i'm enjoyin enjoying. having a ball every day. you can't see might as well golf. >> at lake tahoe, george warren, abc 7 news. we double check. that's tahoe not palm desert. unbelievable. spencer is here. >> tahoe seems to be becoming palm desert. long dry mild spell this winter. very unusual. same thing here. long dry mild spell. live view from the high definition east bay camera looking towards san francisco. looking across the bay bridge. view from emeryville and mainly clear night and we have some fog developing later but rate now it's just clear and mild. let's look at some of the unusually warm temperature readings we had today. let's start with record in the sierr sierra. repo high of 69. shattered the record high of 58 degrees and high of 59 in tahoe shattered old record for this date of 50 degrees. amazing
9:20 pm
warmth across the state. down south bakersfield high of 82 tied for the warmest day ever recorded in the month of january in bakersfield. regard high this date other record high 83 in burbank. 84 in pasadena a.and the warmth goes on. let's look at current readings in the bay area right now. mild in some spots 52 in san francisco. oakland antioch 50 half moon bay. from is in most other location and visibility is difficult mirning in some spots as well and fog beginning to develop in the north bay valley. half million visibility right now in napa and santa rosa and also coming down other locations in parts of the east bay and right around the bay. the highlights are these. low clouds will develop tonight. will continue to happening around i should say areas of fog will develop a little bit milder tomorrow than today and we have dry and mild pattern with us right on into next week and perhaps beyond. our fog see the fog spreading inland across the bay and reaching into the inland valley
9:21 pm
so visibility diminished by the start of rush hour tomorrow morning. 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. if you are commuting please bear that in mind take extra time. spare the air alert today. continues in effect until midnight tonight and then as we get in the wee hours of the morning low pressure dropping to mid 30's and napa santa rosa fairfield upper 30's at concord livermore morgan hill and santa cruz manly low 40's low to mid 40's over the remainder of the bay area. satellite radar composite image and frontal system early today fizzled. it was a dry and no precipitation. animation starting at 11:00 o'clock tonight and we see high pressure building in behind that dissipated front. large ridge of high pressure and even into midweek and beyond we continue to be dry and mild. so high and dry will be the operative weather expression for you. at least next week perhaps two weeks and high pressure tomorrow milder than today. continuing unusual pattern. low to mid 60's across most of the bay area tomorrow. just a little bit to
9:22 pm
our south monterey bay we see 70 at watsonville and holster. 71 at salinas. accu-weather 7 day forecast temperatures will drop-off just a couple degrees on friday but bounce back over the weekend so dry and mild right on through the weekend into next week and perhaps the middle of the month. right now the long range outlook is for no rain. by the 12th or fraechbt of the month. >> that far. >> why he. >> thanks spencer. >> well coming up here. man behind the mask. coming up next. remembering a sword fighting master who left a mark next. remembering a sword fighting master who left a mark on hollywood. stay with us [ female announcer ] these are the crescents you love on a holiday. and these are the ones you'll love on a school night. pillsbury ham and cheese crescents.
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you. >> tonight remembering the man behind the mask. just about
9:26 pm
everyone has seen darth vadar doing battle in "star wars". >> but few knew that it was bob anderson behind the mask until mark hamell revealed tonight 1983. former british olympic swordz man worked on many of history best known movies. anderson choreographed many of the fights in pirates of the caribbean and mask of sorrow. -- zorro. bob anderson dead tonight at 89 years of age. >> nasa reassuring the world that it will not end in 2012 despite the prediction by scores of books movies and web sites. on december 21, many
9:27 pm
dooms day believers fear the apocalypse, anything from a rogue planet smashing that us to our world spinning end over end. however nasa says the world should expect nothing more than the winter solstice at that time of year. to that end the space agency created this web site page to answer questions about all of this. nasa says there is absolutely no scientific evidence you will be glad to know that the world will end in 2012. it is in that spirit of optimism that a pair of unmanned na spacecraft spent their first full day together on the moon. spacecraft landed on saturday and sunday run activity. this is animation provided by nasa. took the spacecraft 3 and a half months to get to the moon. far longer than the direct 3 day flight by apollo astronauts today's a did this to save money on the trip. the mission will be devoted to studying lunar gravity and hoped to learn more how the moon was
9:28 pm
formed and what is below the surface. >> we know we continues here tonight, the death of a park rang interwashington state. massive man hunt for the suspected killer has ended. massive man hunt for the suspected killer has ended. iraq war veteran under arrest. >> long 4 day tonight mayor is over. >> also tonight. investigators say they are confident they have arrested the man responsible for an arson spree in los angeles. we have that story. and coming to the big screen. movie with a message. new approach to protect the ocean.
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>> very confident in this arrest but we have a long way to go. i live in that xhint. i haven't had a good night
9:32 pm
sleep since last week and i'm looking forward to one tonight. >> suspected arsonist under arrest tonight thanks to surveillance tape and eagle eyed rookie cop. good evening again. police say the key break in the case came saturday night when federal officials recognized this man dressed in black seen walking near a car fire in southern california. the suspect is accused of setting more than 50 fires in 4 days in la and hollywood. most of them in vehicle near sleeping families. here's david wright. >> prime suspect now charged with arson was arrested on sunset boulevard early this morning. sources directly involved in the case tell abc news one of the first things he said was i hate america. >> he has this big spill on his face like he's the joker or something. >>reporter: rookie sheriff's deputy the first to spot the suspect driving a minivan with canadians license plates matching the description of vehicle seen at some of the fires. investigators tell abc news a search of the van turned up flammable materials matching
9:33 pm
what sparked the fires. places noticed that pony tail. grainy image from security camera showed a man in a pony tail, too, leaving a parking garage where a car was set on fire. >> the driver was detained and investigators with arson task force were notified. subsequent to interviewing the individual he was placed under arrest. >>reporter: total of 55 fires since last week. set in a 5 mile swath right up the middle of town. including a dozen new fires of night. so many blazes authorities weren't sure if they were dealing with one fire bug or a series of copy cats most started in carport or garages. some spread to nearby buildings before fire craw could get them under control. there's one big reason they are confident they have their man. >> we have not respended to any fires since this individual was deattend this morning just after 3:00 o'clock. >>reporter: big unanswered question is why. sources tell
9:34 pm
us the suspect's mother is about to be deported. sources say he's a german national and his mother's deportation hearing took place a week and a half ago. >> there's number of reasons why individuals set fires. they do it out of spite. out of anger. >>reporter: authorities are still piecing together what may have provoked this arrest so that spree. all totalled more than two million dollars in damage thankfully nobody killed but one firefighters was injured. one resident fired smoke inhalation. david wright abc news, sherman oaks, california. late today authorities in washington state identified a body on the slopes of mount rayonier national park as that of an iraq war veteran accused of killing a park ranger yesterday. suspect estranged wife says he suffered from ptsd. more than 100 freight end men women and children were on lock down inside a visitor center in the park throughout the night. if neal has this report. >> this is all playing out just
9:35 pm
up the road from the main entrance at the national park. it becomes very rugged and steep just few miles up the road here. there was a collective sigh of relief among park officials when word came down midday that the gunman was found dead face down in the snow. he has been identified as benjamin barns military veteran. officials say he spent the fit hiking through chest deep snow in very rugged terrain pursued by 3 s.w.a.t. team in snow shoes. along with multiple aircraft with heat seeking camp are to find hill. police say he shot and killed a park rappinger here yesterday. mother of 2. before firing on other officers and running off in the wood. more than 100 men women and chirp were hunk erred inside a visitor lodge here guarded by armed s.w.a.t. team members for their own safety before being taken out of hereunder police escort. gent gunman has now been found dead face down in the snow. fortunately before he could hurt anyone else this the is
9:36 pm
mountain ray near national park news. police searching for for man would escaped from a san diego county prison by stealing the prison fire engin engine. man being held in the minimum security section as prison firefighters. that's how had he access to the vehicle. he is convicted car thief. search continues. >> being called the largest media campaign ever that is focused on protecting the ocean including i max movie, television series and 1,000 on line video. now the america cup wants to be a part of it. mark explains the spwirmental message of the world biggest yacht race. >>reporter: pictures are amazing. message? our oceans are in trouble. world renowned oceanographer national geographic explorer and oakland resident sill vai a aivrment biggest problem is people don't know that the ocean is if trouble and therefore so are we so whatever we can do. >>reporter: what earl is doing is joining the one world one
9:37 pm
ocean foundation that partner with the america cup authority to promote ocean conservation through the largest immediate why campaign of its kind. >> huge campaign and we have dedicated our company. we have created the foundation called 1 ocean. >>reporter: one world one ocean is the culmination of the father contrary as mavie maker and someone whether spent his life on the california coast. >> i grew up rate by the beach. saw how the ocean has changed especially in my open back yard and decided now that i am at a point where i can do something about it i want to dedicate my company and see what i can do and inspire people to protect the ocean. >>reporter: the goal behind the video being produced is to increase ocean protection areas to give fish chance to rebound, educate people about eating fish. what is sues tapeable what isn't. third goal is reduce plastic pollution in the ocean. that will produce 3 i max movies. 8 television
9:38 pm
specials and feature film and 1,000 on line video including 30, second public service announcement that play in the america cup coverage and pa chance for the america cup seen as something more than stereo typical rich man yacht race and an opportunity for scientist and conservationist to reach a these big project or announcement this is the time to did what we can to make a difference. >>reporter: america cup partnership with one world one ocean has already started and media campaign will extend far beyond the america cup races in 2013. you can catch what they are doing and see what you can do by going to our web site at abc 7 lack for the story. we connect you with one world one ocean. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. remember how napster undermine the music world putting tunes on the internet for fraechlt coming up next. same thing is happening to a
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>> as economy gets better men grab the most new jobs. according to usa today men claim more than two-thirds of the private sector jobs being created. now this reverse a trend that almost gave the united states its first ever majority female work force. government figures show more than 1 million men got jobs in the last 12 months compared with 600,000 women. this includes retailers who often employ women. on line pirates are reportedly exploiting the e book market now. rogue site offer the book at lower price and increasingly lucrative
9:43 pm
market since am a son increase the cost of their book. sony reduce the tablet and 16 gigabyte version will sell for 400 dollars with 32 gig version for 500 dollars. latest indication that they are having a tough time compete with apple that owner 61 percent of the tablet market worldwide with its i pad. l most consumer advocate tell you never buy an extended warranty. mechanical is not one of them. tonight he explains 2 unique way to g an sentenced warranty without paying a fortune. >>reporter: the last day of post holiday shopping are coming to an end. the gift card are being used and soon the holiday decorations will be gone. what you buy will remain and may eventually need repair. and that is where this web site free comes in. >> this the is first web site
9:44 pm
that combines comparison shopping for over 1 million product with free sentenced warranty on the item the members buy. >>reporter: buy through the web site and you get an extended warranty for no additional charge. doubles the manufacturer warranty. so one year warranty becomes a two year. >> since we have all of the products data and we have your information filing a claim is as easy as one button on the web site. file the claim then we contact you within instruction on how we service the product. >> if you didn't buy through free and still want an sentenced warranty go back to the store where you bought the item. most will gladly sell you the sentenced warranty. before you do that, good to a site like square square trade is a san francisco base company that offers extended warranty at deep discounts. sometimes
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price at less than half but retailers charge. i'll post both web site said our welcome back sgit to abc 7 this is 7 on your side. all right as we continue here tonight. winter finally arrives in the midwest. we take a lack at the up to it swept right
9:46 pm
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>> well it is finally starting to look like christmas in some parts of the country after unusually warm december n.michigan from no snow to more than a foot of snow in one day. parts of the state slammed with 10 to 12 inches overnight. in fa pwlaevrngt of snow up to a mile per hour winds blowing throughout the great lakes suddenly it has become winter very quickly. >> rivers almost always frozen over so this ace rare occurrence for us. >> look at this. iowa still
9:49 pm
warmer than usual conditions. on this river a local ski team practices the routine and even though the riff is not frozen the temperature of the water is still around 30 degrees. so you have to be committed to do that. pretty chilly. >> update the forecast and spencer is here and we don't have any snow or rain on the horizon. >> no chill. no rain and no semblance of winter weather on the horizon right now. let's look at interesting cloud formation this afternoon. this is from our time lapse view from the high definition east bay camera. long trail of clouds there that was obviously visible all around the bay area and many people took advantage of the photographic skills on this day with the beautiful cloud formation. this is from clouds over hayward. look at the same cloud from different perspective from robin over in south san jose and from yet another perspective. submitted by patty in milpitas this cloud formation we have the attention of many folk around the bay
9:50 pm
area today. tomorrow sunny day if you clouds around. high pressure a little bit higher than today. low to mid 60's and quite mild here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. dry. mild weather. continues through this week into next week. high pressure in the 60's. even on the coast we see low 60's several day this is weak. when is winter coming. rain coming. no indication right now of any rain in the next week to continue days. >> as we said it's serious. critical soon. >> we could be in a drought situation. >> thanks very much expense engineer on to sports. larry is here. well, fiesta bowl didn't turn out the way we hoped but whether a game. >> great game. outcome final few seconds stanford fans unhappy with but andrew luck final college game came down to the foot of freshman kicker. shoot out with
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>> coming up at 11:00. some call it the man session. why men take more than two-thirds of the jobs as the economy recovers. we have more on this subject tonight. >> and the window opens from
9:54 pm
maverick but not as easy to watch the famous serving contest if it happens this yea year. those stories and more coming up in an hour on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. larry here with all the sports an all the football and it was a great game. >> great game. >> like i said everything but the final few seconds were really entertaining from stanford perspective. final game of luck career. it was the high scoring affair that everybody expected. stanford oklahoma state back and forth huge play on both sides. honorary captain for the cardinal on the said line right in the middle of things. late first quarter. luck off play action here. and look at him throw the deep ball. montgomery wide open. 53 yards. 7 nothing stanford. second quarter with cardinal leading 14-7. over the middle to black and this guy is a flat out stud. 67 yards. this is an nfl star waiting to happen. his second score of the game. 8 catches for 1 86 yards and 3 touch downs. third quarter
9:55 pm
tied at 21. luck and hurt. luck 27 of 31. 3 47 yards and gives stanford a touch down lead. cowboy answer right back with black man. 31-31. 2 and a half minutes left randall four yard out and tied at 38. justin and stanford offense. kicker williamson with a quick prayer. luck gets him in position for the game winning 35 yard. snap hook missed it badly. to over time where williamson misses again. from 43 yards out and the lead red shirt freshman the poor kid is in agony for quite some time. cowboy take the ball. to shel shell. rate down the field. down to the 1 yard line they initially signal touch down. for the victory here. 41-38 oklahoma state at stanford ends the season in disappointment with an 11-2 record. now the rose bowl was a great contrast as well. oregon duck they run
9:56 pm
like a track team against the ground and pound of wisconsin. highest scoring rose bowl of. wisconsin striking first. wilson firing on the run to l jaivrmentd freshman running back thomas. this guy is a blur. 2 carries. lack at him run right by 7. see you. total of 155 yard. both went for touch down. 91 on that play. tied at 14. back arrested forth game. thomas. oregon if front 42-38. 4 minutes left. wisconsin driving. hit and fumble and ball lay there is for a duck to pounce on it and that turned out to be the difference. 45-38 oregon first rose bowl win in 95 years. houston for penn state out of the mystery today. lions defense couldn't stop the cougar. edwards over the shoulder in stride and ticket city bowl late second
9:57 pm
quarter. keen to edwards again you think you mit want to cover this guy. nobody around. throws for 5 32 and 3 touch downs. houston rolls. tampa. michigan state winless in the last 5 appearances. 20 second left against georgia to send out back wall to over time. george kicker walsh misses the game winning attempt from 42 yards out. had he kind of a williamson type game then down 33-30 and third over time. walsh has that one blocked. michigan state. they were down 16 at the half. they come become to win 33 to 30. capitol 1 bowl in orlando. nebraska south carolina final play first half connor shaw for the game tie. hail mary. it's never worked. it never. no way. edward. jeffrey. he is 6 foot 4. and likewise he is an nfl receiver waiting to
9:58 pm
happen. nebraska never recovers. south carolina 30-1 30-13. it was a would have could have should have monday for the raiders who let an opportunity to make the play off yesterday slip right through their hands. a lot of finger pointed at the defense which let san diego drive up and down the field at will in a 38-26 san diego victory. silver and black finish up with 8 and 8 record vl not made the play off since 2000 2. they have a lot of talent but another season ends in frustration. >> as a raider you expect to win. and 8 and 8 is not where we want to be and i don't want to use the old coach iche you look at the win you possibly could have won. you didn't. >>reporter: no they didn't. one player back and lose another. early theme for the warriors. power forward didn't play today in phoenix but ellis back so he played. lee was sick. ellis returning from one game absence because of grandmother funeral. second half. warriors up by 2. 10
9:59 pm
penalties in the game. domestic physical mcguire filling in for offense 14 points. steve nash prooit pride crafty as ever. >> stop nash. victoria at hom home. and shark in vancouver with 4 game losing streak. >> he ended. the shark canuck in 3 tries this season. >> what a fun day in c iqm. >> a lot of stuff. >> thanks very much. >> that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00 here on coffee tv 20 for all of us here. i'm dan ashley thanks for watching. appreciate your time hope to see you again in an hour on appreciate your time hope to see you again in an hour on channel 7


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